Latvian Sustainable Building Council (LSBC), NGO, was founded at the end of 2010 as a private sector initiative to increase the sustainability of the built environment in Latvia. To increase the effectiveness of local efforts, in 2012 LSBC joined the World Green Building Council (WGBC) – a network of more than 90 local organizations with similar main aims across 5 continents of our globe. 

LSBC is an organisation created for its members and run by its members. Our activities are focused around the following three major interests: 
  • information and education activities with an aim to increase general understanding as well as professional knowledge. LSBC’s representatives are regular lecturers in conferences, seminars and workshops devoted to building sector sustainability issues. We also have a regular presence in written professional media. Within the WGBC network, LSBC has taken part in development and (starting from March, 2013) will offer training courses towards the “Green Building Council Professional” accreditation. 
  • policy development activities with an aim to support local policy makers  in developing sustainable policies for the Latvian building sector. In this effort, we are greatly assisted by the European WGBC network able to share best practice examples and point to challenges across Europe;
  • practical support to sustainable project development. With this aim in mind, LSBC has been instrumental in providing the local market with a set of sustainable building criteria for new commercial developments (buildings) – an adapted version of British Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). Partnering with Riga City Architect’s Office and other stakeholders, LSBC is looking to widen the set of sustainability criteria appropriate for our country. 
LSBC is a great place for networking and positioning your organization within the sustainability leaders in Latvia. It is also a place to share you ideas and develop new projects. Join us!
For more information, please contact Gints Miķelsons, Chairman of the Board -